About Us

[ C ] loves anything that sparks her creativity; interior design, DIY's, digital scrap booking but most of all Photography. She is a total TV junkie [GG, VD, Revenge, anything HGTV & PLL] , a pro at online shopping & could eat endless amounts of ice cream. She is an Instagram addict, a lover of anything yellow &  her B and little C are her world. 

[ B ] loves anything that involves hockey, football & basketball, basically anything sports. He too is a creative soul [maybe that's why we are so good together] from his love for graphic design to playing guitar. He loves anything lime. His laugh is the greatest laugh you'll ever hear. He is a music/movie addict, could eat pizza for every meal & loves his two C's.

[ B&C ]  are best friends who happened to be married. He brings out the silliness in her and she brings out sweetness in him. They have a love for traveling and take every chance they have to travel this amazing world. They spend way too much time eating out, taking drives, swimming and loving little C. They have just purchased there own home and are having a blast slowly making it theirs. And even after 4+ years they are still crazy in love. 

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