We Fell In Love...

Lets rewind to August 2007.

Courtney hears a lot about this boy that is best friends with her friends boyfriend and who her other friend really likes. She gets home one night to see this same boy, was sending her messages over Myspace. Oh good old Myspace. After doing a little stalking on Myspace she realizes he is super cute and reply's back. They swapped phone numbers, hung out once or twice and then went there ways. 

They were in different parts of life at the time, Courtney was in high school and Ben was out doing whatever he felt like. But somehow throughout this whole time they didn't go 1 day without texting each other. 

Fast forward to June 2008, the night of Orem Summerfest. Courtney was finally out of high school and something about Ben was catching her attention, again. After getting up the courage to call him, she was such a wimp when it came to liking boys, he answers, says he will come over. They end up talking/laughing in his car for over 2 hours. After he left that night she knew right then that she wanted this boy in her life, forever.

That summer they fell in love,they spent every minute together. They went swimming, they went to concerts, they ate endless amounts of snowies and kept falling more and more in love with each other. 

They had planned to get engaged the next year and married the year after that, but the more they were together the more they knew we didn't want to wait that long to be married. 

On October 30, 2008, after a long wait for Ben to ask her dad, he proposed. Ben took her on this adorable scavenger hunt to all their favorite places and ended at the place where they had our first kiss. She of course said yes and they went and told everyone their happy news.

After a treacherous 7 month engagement,they got married May 7, 2009. It was the most perfect day and they wouldn't change it for the world. 

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