Sunday, January 25, 2009

Temple Temple Temple

well well well tonight we went to the open house of the draper temple and wowzers it was so so so amazingly beautiful! We LOVED it! We were orginally going to get married in it but yeah... that changed haha! It was my second time being to an open house but it was amazing to see cause we will be going through the temple so soon! It is the most beautiful building in the world! We had a goodnight thanks to greg and whit inviting us and it was full of great adventures with greg driving in his "own" lane, the bus driver who we thought might just kill us and the annoying boy behind us the whole time! haha! We love whit and greg! It was a very good night for us and an amazing experience!


  1. Yeah! you two have a blog! You guys are so cute and I can't wait to meet you Courtney! We love you guys and are so proud of you!

  2. haha, by saying your plans changed it sounds like you are not getting married in teh temple at all.. maybe you should change that! I loved going with you guys, thanks for coming :)