Saturday, November 14, 2009

winter is a coming

As of right now its snowing outside and I do NOT want to leave my apartment..I just wanna cuddle my hunny, watch a movie and drink hot chocolate :) sounds perfect haha! Since Christmas is coming we really want to send our Christmas cards but wanted new pictures. So we called up our great photographer for our wedding and had her do them and they turned out PERFECT I absolutly love them. I cannot believe its almost thanksgiving...time has FLOWN, I have now been married for 6 months...thats CRAZY!!!

I cant wait for the holiday season, it is my favorite for sure. I love all the decorations, yummy food, familys together..everything. We get to spend this thanksgiving with Ben's family and I am so excited. His sister comes next week and we have missed her it will be so great! But there is one thing I hate about this time of the year, and that is snow. Me and driving in snow do not mix, one bit. Last year I managed to rip the bumper off our jetta and do a full 180 in our 4runner, in 4wheel drive..I still am not sure how I managed that but I honestly hate driving in it.

This week has been good and fast (luckily) and now I cannot wait for next week. I have interviewed for 2 new jobs and will hear back from them this next week, we have New Moon midnight tickets and a 3 day weekend :)!

Here are some of our pictures :) enjoy!


  1. Cute pics you guys!! Hope we'll see each other over the holidays :)

  2. Super cute pictures! I am glad I stumbled upon your blog! How are you?