Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the weekday are sunny&warm
the weekends are sad&cold
this weekend was FANTASTICALY warm so we spent most of it outside. Taking walks, playing with tug, running around and just loving the sunshine! I cannot wait for summer, swimming, snowies and tanning :)!
We were so excited we bought kites last week to hopefully fly them over then weekend and of course there was no wind whatsoever! So now they sit in our car waiting to be flown.We spent our weekend just hanging out with friends & loving not working! Ben's boss, Ben, was generous enough to give us his old Organ, and now I am not able to pull my Ben away from it. He just sits and plays it all the time but I am not going to lie it is way fun to play! Now for a week of work, lots of photoshoots && hopefully some more sunshine.

&& this lovely movie comes out tomorrow and yes...I have tickets :)!!!!

This is a good week :)
Happy Tuesday

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