Thursday, April 15, 2010

blah blah blah

Its sunny outside...and I am DYING being stuck inside.
I cannot wait for the weekend, this week has dragged on.
and everything has seemed to happen this week!

Tuesday ( last week )-
I was doing the dishes and well our sink kept clogging but we figured it would go down
Wednesday -
Still didn't unclog, so we got some drano to fix...
we were just trying to start the disposel to get the drano moving around when...
we felt water on our feet and saw water flowing out of our cabinet.
We spent the next hour running from the leaking disposal to the toilet.
Thursday -- nothing
Friday --
We thought just maybe we could start the dishwasher. Well I was just sitting talking to Sarah when I looked down and the whole floor was convered in water.
SO again, we spent an hour running back and forth.
Gave Derrick and Sarah a good laugh haha.
Saturday-- Nothing
Sunday -- Nothing
Monday -- Nothing
Tuesday --
Our landlord had called in his plumber who retired in 1986 and he STILL couldn't fix it.
He plugged up the hole in the disposal but the sink is still clogged.
So now we must spend our time doing the dishes in our bathroom :D

And to make everything better, we woke up yesterday to NO hot water, we couldn't figure out why. We have always paid the bill and always on time. So we come to find out that the people below us had turned off theirs cause they are moving, but the questar guy had accidentaly turned OURS off. But don't worry we have learned a lesson through all this, like.

1. That you cannot put drano down a disposal
2. You can't even put it down our pipes
3. The dishwasher is CONNECTED to the disposal

Now I am just waiting for our sink to be fixed and for a fantastic weekend!

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  1. HAHA! Oh I feel so special to be a part of your awesome blog haha! That was so funny..