Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First, can I  just say how AMAZING our weather has been lately, I don't shiver every morning leaving for work and I don't dread taking out our garbage, cause it is so nice!
Secondly, I love going to Ben's hockey games, it makes him so happy and that makes me happy.
Third, My new photoshoots, I feel like I am getting better and I am loving the way they are turning out && the extra money, I can finally buy my new camera, which I am THIS weekend :)!
Lastly, this delicious Capri Sun I am drinking, I may be addicted.

This is how we spent out weekend ....
Close up...

My husband has been DYING to go off roading but since he has a history or rolling cars while doing that, he finds in fun in driving on dirt roads. This one had a huge mud puddle and even after a wash there is still mud everywhere.
We spent our weekend just hanging out, Friday we went and saw Iron Man 2. Which was way good I actually loved it. Hanging out with the Shaw family (mainly Ayden & Ellie) && Ellie actually hung out with me rather than staying with her Nana! Impressive, yes very much so. We also got to see the new addition to that family, Tate. He was so adorable, so little, and just so peaceful.
The rest of the weekend was spent FINALLY cleaning out our spare bedroom, putting the bed together & putting our crap in storage. I am excited to decorate that room, I just don't know what to do with all Ben's guitars & hockey stuff. We had a very relaxing weekend.

Happy Tuesday


  1. CouRtNeY. You are SO cute. and I do have to agree with you getting better at your pics. THEY ARE AMAZING. We have to play soon. LOVE YOU

  2. How fun! What kind of camera are you getting?

  3. A Canon Rebel :) its my brother in laws and he is selling it to me i am excited!