Wednesday, May 26, 2010

short & sweet

This week is deffinatly NOT my week. I started having the WORST tooth ache. Which I have never experienced in my life! I spent two nights restless and in the worst pain only to come to figure out that I have an infection. Which is scary cause if this spreads it can go to my heart and that would not be good. My heart condition, which scares Ben, can be in big trouble if this spreads. I was put on 6 antibiotics a day and lots or loratab til I can have my root canal ( next wed ). Yet all my medicine does is make me sick, super super super sick. So instead of going to Ben's game, I am home, alone, and not happy! I also have my wedding shoot tomorrow, so I praying my heart out that I will feel better in time for that. Now for my sleep :)


  1. Ugh no good. Im so sorry. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. that sucks!!! im sorry hope you feel better real soon! being sick and in pain is never a good thing. :( sorry girl