Thursday, June 10, 2010


This should be a new record, three days in a row of blogging. I guess that's what happen's when Ben can't talk at work. He has been traning people all week, so I sit here bored outta my mind with no husband to IM.
But today is a great day, I love summertime, there is SOO much to look forward to, like....

-Sunshine, green grass and a lovely table to sit outside and enjoy my lunch.
-Ben interviewed for another position here at our work last week, to be a part of the production team. The person who interviewed him then went to Ben's supervisor and said that Ben is exactly what he was looking for and that he rocked the interview. This position would take him off inbound calls, he would still be working wtih customers but he would call them. It would also boost his pay...alot! We are very excited to see what happens and are hoping he can get this job! I am so proud of him, he has become so mature and such an amazing husband and person. I am grateful for such a great boy to have :)!
- SummerFest is this weekend, I sure do LOVE summerfest. Which also means, Shaw family BBQ and parade! Since we live on the parade route I ALWAYS remember watching it and I love those memories. I love being around my family and summertime!
-8 days until we go to Chicago, we are so excited. It was pretty spur of the moment, but it will be so great. My dad and brother-in-law both served their missions in Chicago. So they have been telling us all the great places to visit, I am most excited for this cute pier I found. It's full of fun rides, cute shops and great resturants. It will be great getaway.
-Almost the weekend :)
- Last night in Ben's game they played against the BYU team...and well they lost BIG time to them last time they played. This game was different. We were ahead from the beginning and Benny scored the first goal, Adam, his brother, scored the second and Ben assisted the third. The game ended in tie 4-4, and Ben made a record of 3 times in the penelty box and being the only one to get in a fight, ha ha.
-My best friend Janna, well her missionary gets home in two weeks. We all used to play all the time before he left and Ben and him got along greatly. So I cannot wait to be able to go on tons of double dates, lot and lots of camping trips, snowie runs, sleep overs and tons of laughs. It's going to be so great, we were planning it out all last night and we can't wait. I am so happy for Janna and hope that everything turns out perfectly, they are perfect together.
.... I sure do love my life! :)

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