Friday, June 4, 2010

Our weeekend :)
We spent our weekend perfectly I think, all our time was spent outside.
Saturday I spent with my mama cause it was her birthday.
We did a little shopping, ate some yummy food and spent a long time outside!
I am loving this weather and I LOVED being able to just relax in my backyard.
Growing up we ALWAYS were in my backyard doing all sorts of things I love it back there and I miss it now that I am married.
On Sunday we went on a fantastic drive to Salt Lake,
walked around Temple Square,
and found some great places for pictures :)!
Monday we started off by golfing with Don & Adam, yes I lost :( but it was still ALOT of fun.
We then spent some more time with the Campbell family.
Since it was my mamas birthday on saturday my family got together and had a BBQ.
It was alot of fun seeing everyone :)!

Now it's already time for another weekend which is FANTASTIC!!
As I sit at work, barley being able to talk.
I was happy that my surgery went very well but am VERY sick of  this after pain!
BUT, on a happy note.
Cami is in town and I love her! It is so fun having her here, shes just like Ben but a girl!
So we will spend our weekend with her!
Shopping, eating, laughing and having lots& lots of fun!
Happy Friday :)

Jann brought me a flower :) tradition when we are having a bad day
You can tell I am not happy haha
Temple Square :)
My adorable husband put this all over his face to make me laugh cause he made me mad haha I sure do love him!

Happy note--- Ben just got us plane tickets to Chicago for a weekend :) I love having friends that work at the airport! Yahooo my first big city! I wish it was the 18th now!!!

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