Monday, June 21, 2010

somethings missing...

We had an AMAZING trip to Chicago this weekend, it was perfect! I could live there and be completly happy! Infact I found a perfect house to live in, super old fashion but sooo cute. It just happened to be right around the corner from Urban, H&M, JCrew, Anthro &&&& the biggest Norstroms ever :)!
Unfourtunatly I left my camera at home today, due to being stuck at the airport til 11 last night, when our flight got in at 8. Ben lost his wallet either on the plane or on the shuttle to the car, we are not sure. We have searched everywhere, everysingle shuttle & called every single lost and found there. Of course the actuall plane line, United, will not answer there phone. So we are just hoping and praying that we get our wallet back with all the cards, license & 200$ cash in it.

 So once I have my pictures I will blog about all the great places we went and all the great things we did!

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  1. Court! That house sounds AMAZING. Let's be neighbors? Our boys will work everyday and we will 'window shop.' Hope you find your wallet soon!!!