Tuesday, August 3, 2010

crafty craft...

So I have been making a long list of crafts to do...these have just jumped up my list..
now someone please come help me :) I can't do these alone!

I dunno about over a bed, but maybe a funky office! It would go perfectly with my HUGE Beatles poster thats taking up space on my office wall!
I absolutely ADORE this, I will be making this first. I want like 3-4 over my bed! SOOOO stinking' cute.

I thought these were so simple but SO cute!

First of all, everytime I go somewhere I ALWAYS find the balls. Ben hates it, but I can't help it, they are so cute. These are hemp balls, so cute and SOOO easy to make!
These cute little things are made out of tissue paper..so fun for a part, girls room or even on top of a gift!

This is SO cute&simple. It's made for a little kids bathroom but come on, Ben is basically a little kid, this may need to be hung in his bathroom!


  1. Im totally making those flower things. LOVE them

  2. you'd have to add "wipe" to the list for ben though...BA hahaha! COURT I LOVE THEM ALL!! Let's make EVERYTHING!! Hahaha But seriously...I need you to find these cute things so my apartment looks good! I can't do it without you! I LOVE COURTNEY!!