Friday, August 27, 2010

I'll admit, I love my TV shows, but when they are not on...I tend to not watch TV that much. Movies are another thing though :)
1-My current favorite TV show is... well since all my favorite shows are not on right now...i'd say probably anything on HGTV, Fantasy Factory or The Kardashians
2- Theme Song I can sing by heart ... One Tree hill :)
3- My life is like ... The Fantasy Factory...random and funny, thanks to my hubby :)!
4- My all time favorite TV show is... One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The O.C. & Dawson's Creek.
5- The show I watch that is ridiculously stupid ... Probably Teen Mom, I always watch it when there is nothing else on, Ben hate's it!
6- Favorite Realty show ... Kardashians & Fantasy Factory. I loved Laguna Beach & the first 2 Seasons  of the Hills!
7- One TV show I can watch over and over... One Tree Hill :)
8- My TV crush is ... Nate Archibald.... mmmmm :) He may be number 1 on my list.... :)

p.s. i'm really missin' this place right now :( maybe next year :)

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