Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Happily Ever After...

1-Most Challenging thing about marriage is ...   Communication, He won't know what I need if I don't say anything,  So I can't get mad when he "should know" what I need.  It's easier to talk things out, if some thing is bugging me I tell him and try to figure out what we can do. It has helped our marriage a lot!

2-My favorite thing about my spouse is... ummm everything :D! I love how funny he is, he is honestly the funniest person I know! When we were dating that was one of the main things that attracted me to him. He can make anyone laugh and can make any situation, happy! I also love how caring and respectful he is, he truly know hows to treat me and take care of me! He is also so protective, sometimes he may take it overboard but I love it, it shows me he cares.

3-Whats your secret to a happy marriage..  Alone time. We have been trying to have friend night at least once a week, Ben goes and hangs out with his friends and I hang out with mine! It really helps, esp. with Ben. He has always had his "Alone Time" growing up so this helps with that. We also try and have as much fun as possible, even if it's just dancing around our house blaring music, we know that one day we will have a family & a crazy busy life. So we want to have as much fun before that!

Even though we have only been married 1 year & 3 months, I feel like we have learned and grown so much. I couldn't be happier with the life I am living right now! 

Happy Weekend :)

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