Monday, November 29, 2010

'tis the season

Ben & I had so much fun creating new traditions and having our first "real" Christmas, last year.
We have loved going through all our old decorations, adding more and make our house feel like Christmas time.
*note; our tree does NOT have anything on it but lights... i'll get around to it :)
*Yes....Ben has a bad movie addiction...there is still more

I have succeeded in buying almost half of Ben's Christmas already :) but sadly he is the easiest to shop for.
The hard ones are parentals...we have no clue on that one.


  1. Parents are sooo hard! Im still getting all our Christmas up.. Our trip is up and complete.. I LOVE Christmas time.

  2. i LOVE that cookie jar. so adorable!! and your decorations are precious. i can't wait to get on the decorating train. :)