Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hardest day

After 2 days of not knowing what to do with little Jack, We ended up selling him to a fantastical family.
I know they will take care of him and love him.
But he will always love and miss his mama & dad!

Some of you may think, "You had him for over a week and you are that sad, come on!"
Well, you people must have never met this little one.
He was perfect, happy, loveable, cuddly & just, Ours!
He was the EXACT dog I have always wanted, It was a dream come true.
& I sure hope one day I can another pup as great as him.

We miss you Jack, hopefully you are having fun with your new family


  1. SO Sorry for your little loss court. I hate this so bad! I didn't even get to meet him :( But atleast he's happy with a good family! Stupid lanlord I'm so pissed at him!! I can't wait until you guys move and can get another little pup who will be so perfect! I love you both. Let me know if theres anything I can do!

  2. Oh NO! Why did you have to find him a new home? That's so sad.