Friday, March 4, 2011

Fridays Finds

After much thought, I finally decided to do a post today. You see today has been...long. Lots of new work to go over, so my brain is a little sleepy, sorry. Luckily it has been absolutely dead. I cannot wait for 3 o'clock. We will be spending our Friday night with some oh-so-adorable little kids. aka, my nephews & niece. We are playing babysitters tonight, wish us luck!

This gorgeous top, very different.
I have been baking more lately and am dying for a shabby chic cake stand, this one will do that trick.
This tweed couch is my dream. If we move someplace bigger I am selling our other couch and buying this :)!
I love different, abstract, pieces, this one is defiantly a jaw dropper.
This blog, I drool over, if only my life would take that direction. move to Chi-town

Happy Friday


  1. I love reading your friday finds!

  2. You are so sweet to add my blog!!! You are so sweet! Now move to Chicago!

  3. Oh I wish I could. I went there twice last year and fell in love instantly. Now we are just praying husband can find a job there sometime