Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Friday

Dress: Target, Cardi: Victoria Secret
See this pretty little dress, okay long dress, I bought him last week and I am in love.
It's a perfect spring/summer dress, oh ya and for Hawaii, technically that's what this is for but do you expect me to not wear this for a whole 2 months..not gunna happen people sorrryy! 
I think Friday's are just automatically happy days.
Happy cause it's the weekend.
Happy cause I just ordered some amazingly cute boots for free, thank you giftcard. 
Happy cause I get to see my family tonight. 
Happy cause I may or may not be getting a puppy, a puppy I can ACTUALLY keep at my new home, which has a back yard, tons of room, a glorious closet & no crazy neighbors!
Happy cause my life is just great, really really great.

Happy Friday!

ps. sorry for the crappy phone picture.
pps. Happy April Fools day!

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