Friday, April 22, 2011

It is amazing what a Friday can do to you, I feel so great. I slept lots, unlike the 4 hours I slept the night before! It's payday, and hello, its the weekend! Wanna know what I love lately....

.Rolling in the deep by Adele, I may be overly obsessed with it.
.Chevron patterns, I love anything with that pattern, like this, or this
.My love for yellow keeps growing, I may have to buy this & this too add to my obsession. 
.Sunshine, today looks very promising.
.All the blossoms on the trees, I wish that it would all stay like that. 
.Oh my, I love flag bunting, can it really get cuter than this?
.All my shows are back least for another month!
.Benjamin :)

Happy Friday!!!

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