Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marriage :)

You think you learn a lot during your first year of marriage...don't worry, it just gets better.
.Drano is not meant for disposals...
.Suprise, disposals ARE connected to dishwashers.
.Speaking of dishwashers, dish soap doesn't go in those, unless you want a kitchen full of bubbles.
.We have way too many "Oh no it's broken" moments than normal.
.I will always find Ben's clothes hidden throughout the house, someone reason it's more fun to HIDE them then put them away.
.Filters are not in Ben world.
.No phones in the bathoom, unless you want pee on them.
.Vacations are our weakness.
.Treats are okay for breakfast
.Now matter how loud the TV is, we will still be able to hear the neighbors doing naughty things.
.If Ben were to ever get lost, I could find him by his candy wrappers.
.It's okay to have girl moments, Ben will still love me.
.I will never have enough clothes and Ben will never enough movies.
.I am a VERY loud person, why Ben didn't realize this in the first place I don't know.
.Our love just keeps growing.


  1. haha Love this post. Love the neighbor's doing naughty things hahahaha gotta love living in condos.

  2. I totally put dish soap in our dishwasher the first year we were married! Hahaha SO funny. I've never seen so many bubbles! It took forever to clean. I remember looking at todd totally bewildered asking, "how do you clean up bubbles!?" Such a ginormous mess.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! Keep it fun and don't stop laughing!

  4. I jumped over here from steoffery language.

    I got a good giggle out of your dishsoap in the dishwasher. Although I learned that when I had first moved in with my one roommate ages ago. I thought I would be nice and do the dishes while she was at work and didn't realize there was different soap for the dishwasher. She came home with a big surprise. haha...good thing we all learn from that.
    also the loudness of the t.v. so true. We had some really loud neighborers as well once. Thats always fun. Though putting in a fan sometimes helps depending on their loudness.
    Cute blog as well.