Tuesday, May 17, 2011



The gloomy weather has made me crave summer sunshine all day today. I can't wait for swimming, snowies, sandals, bike rides & Hawaii. Summer is for sure on my brain today, looky what I found.

.Flat sandals, I wish I had an endless amount of sandals. ps, F21 has great, cheap, cute sandals, LOVE them!
.This maxi I just bought, seriously it's perfection. 
.I have a new obsession, with maxi's, this is next on my list.
.Flowy, sheer tops, I love this & this.
.Post earings are my best friends, especially in summer with all the swimming, I hate losing dangles while swimming! I absolutely LOVE these.
.My new swim suit that I cannot wait to use :)! thanks for the tip from earlier, I am so happy I chose this one!
.Okay, just one more dress, I just got this and it's perfect for summer!
.This tank, I am love and it's half off TODAY, wahhooo!

Whats your summer go-to items?


  1. I have just come across your blog and wanted to say that it's lovely :) I am young and married too so I know how wonderful it is to have all these adventures together. I hope you enjoy your summer. I live in New Zealand so we're heading into winter at the moment but I'm still loving the maxi's too, great for wear thick stockings underneath and keeping warm in the colder weather!

  2. Those earring are to die for!! CUTE!! And I can't believe how cheap and cute the Forever 21 sandals are! Im going to have to go in now and get every color... Thanks! Haha

  3. i LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEE those shirts!! (: I WANT them! I need to stop being so poor!

  4. I love flat sandals...need to check F21 for some new ones!