Wednesday, June 1, 2011

happppyyy dayyyyy

Happy cause....
.I am done moving :) sure I have a million boxes and bags to unload then organize and clean, BUT thats okay!!
.Less than two weeks I will be in paradise, if all goes as planned, these whole standby tickets are little tricksters sometimes!
.Cami comes in town this weekend!
.No more keeping Mr C. secret!
.We got a fridge, for FREE. Sure its super ghetto but it's free. Now on the look for a washer&dryer!
.I work ONE FULL WEEK in the next month and a half :)
.I finally get hot showers and full baths!

What makes you happy today?


  1. Oh man, we have to move soon. I am not looking forward to it! Happy you are done!

  2. SO exciting moving into a new place :-) Congrats! Enjoy decorating too!