Friday, September 2, 2011

A little mixup of 5 things

My 5 things are gunna be a little different today, cause it's been a rough couple of days. I drop my phone yesterday, well more like my phone decided to fall outta my back pocket, into the toilet. Now that said phone, is  not even 4 weeks old, it was quite expensive and it was my early birthday present, did I mention it was my baby and very pretty. So it is now sitting in rice, just praying it will still work. Shortly after that moment happened I worked a very busy day, while feeling sick. It just was not my day, but there are little things that make me happy even though it's been a stupid week.

1. Husband, even when he gets mad at me for dropping my phone down that stupid toilet.

2. A friend asking me to take her wedding Puerto Rico. Yup, free trip to Puerto Rico, suuuree why not!

3.We have been house sitting my parents house while they are on vacation, oh how LOVELY it is to be so close to stores, family & just everything. ha ha.

4. 3 DAY WEEKEND! oh yes, this is going to be so glorious! Ours will be spent sleeping in, BBQing, BYU football, relaxing & our photo shoot :)!

5. 23 days and I'll be 22, I love birthdays, especially mine :)!

What's making you happy?

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  1. Puerto Rico!!! that is seriously super cool! I am so happy for you!