Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I LOVE making goals/lists for a brand new year. It's fun to think of the opportunities we will have and the memories we will make....So here is a peek at our goals for twenty twelve.

   Save Save Save our moneys!! One day we will be pro’s at this!
  Be more adventurous, road trips, day trips any kinda trip, I wanna take  lots!
Think about a future baby T or N Campbell…maybe, maybe.
Collect new things, I’m thinking records, prints or anything vintage!
Visit family, we are horrible about this. A trip to Arizona and California are a must on our list this year, we miss our family.
     DIY my little brain out
    Visit our second home, Chicago, we miss it way to much!
 Take at least 3 pictures a day, I love looking back and remembering all the memories. So the more pictures I take, they more memories I can keep forever!

Our favorites from 2011 coming soon :) this no internet at work OR home is killing me!


  1. I about squealed when I read the baby part :) We are in the same boat. Its going to be a great year. I need to do a goal post.

  2. Love that picture! and diy-ing my brain out is on my to-do list this year too :)