Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Is that not sweetest thing ever?
 Let’s rewind back to last Wednesday, My mom has been troubles with her hip for quite some time now. Last year she thought it may just be her knees, seeing as she has always had issues with her knees. Well after going to the doctor last summer she found out that her hip was basically dead and she would need a replacement. She waited awhile to get this done since she didn’t want to be sick over the holidays. She went in Wednesday for surgery and came out perfect! She has not had any complications, thank goodness, and has been a PRO at doing her physical therapy. We are SO happy to have her home and hope that she can recover quickly. We love you mama, you are super woman! 


  1. cute picture. and we are so sad we are too far away to help. the kids pray for Nana every night.