Thursday, February 23, 2012

This boy

Growing up I always wondered who I would marry, would he get along with my family, would he treat me like a princess and most importantly, would he make me laugh. Laughter was one of the first things that attracted me to Ben; he was THE funniest kid I had ever met. My life has always been filled with laughter thanks to my family; they are the most sarcastic people you’ll ever meet. Amazingly along the way I found a boy who is just like that. A boy who has an endless imagination of becoming pickers, we may be slightly obsessed with the show American pickers; who can find fun in creating a voice for little Mr. C if he could talk, just picture Crosby talking in a very deep, deep voice; who can still quote funny movies with my family even after the incident, the incident happened at a birthday party for my step grandma, his first time ever meeting my whole family, we were chatting about Dumb & Dumber when it went quiet and Ben decided this would be the best time to blurt out a movie quote “I desperately want to make love to a school boy”; and who can have a laugh that is the best laugh that I have ever heard, if you’ve heard it then you know what I am talking about. 
This boy still brings laugher to my life daily and I have feeling he may just be getting funnier as time passes.
 I am reminded everyday how perfect this boy is for me.

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