Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Two weeks later here is a litte update on The Campbells..
Ben is THE best and bought me an early anniversary present...oh how I have missed
my iPhone baby.

Crosby went in for "The Surgery" last week. After a horrible 3 weeks with
Abby around. The surgery went great, it was his acting out and biting the Vet
before hand that was the trouble. And to you Vets out there, PLEASE do not
call the pet owners and tell them you are going to put their dog down for biting,
it REALLY doesn't help the worrysome of them being left at the vet all day. That
was the worst 20 minutes of my life...ever.

Cami was in town for a little bit and now we miss her WAY too much.
Pretty sure we may just go move to California with her.

I love my dad, he is seriously the best. We decided to take a little daddy-daughter
date to the last Jazz game of the season last week. I think I MAY have been favorite
daughter that night, for once :)!

We have spent lots of time just sitting outside enjoying this gorgeous weather.
Please never go away warm weather.


  1. Whhhhat! Please tell me they really didnt call and tell you they were going to put him down. I would FREAK out.

  2. Ya they did...I bawled for like twenty mins I couldn't even work I was a mess! It was horrible!