Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's True

this is my kinda bedroom :)
So all these rumors of house buying and how hard it true. We had to let go of our perfect house today due to them still not accepting our loan type, we came to find out two others from our same complex backed out as well due to the same issues. Silly people should have got this FHA thing figured out months ago so you could sell your homes quicker. Ben has gotten over it, me on the other hand, am still sad. We have since been looking at more and more houses, some disgusting, some amazing. We have found a couple we really love, so now its just more waiting to see, luckily these ones all accept FHA. We are just ready to be in our own place & not have to house search anymore.
Wish us luck...again.

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  1. sorry to hear it! I was so excited for you. Hopefully you'll find something even better. Good luck!!!