Monday, July 16, 2012


Ben was asked to teach at a conference for work a while back and we had originally planned on us driving down and spending time there after. But since we decided to buy a house I decided to just stay here and have him fly with work in hopes of saving more money for our house. We found out right before he left that our closing date was getting pushed back 4 weeks..yes, now we don't close til August and we are dying. BUT we get to save more money for things we need for the house. Anyways, Ben left, I was sad and lonely, then my parents left outta town as well. Leaving me the only person at home, I am not good by myself. So Friday I decided why not, I booked a flight and made my way to Vegas. The conference was at The Red Rock casino and we LOVED IT there. Sadly Ben worked all Saturday so I spent my time at the pool and sleeping. Saturday night we met up with Ben's best friend growing up, Jake, and his wife Kim. Ben was like the happiest guy in the world to see his best friend, it was cute. We aren't all that sure why we don't all live right be each other, we miss them already! It was a perfect mini getaway for me, and 14 hour work days getaway for Ben. 


  1. So fun! I need a good little get away. Thats a big bummer about your house! Hopefully it will fly for you.

  2. So glad you got to go relax in Vegas! If only I'd known... I only live 2 hours away and I would've come to the pool with you ;) Ha ha!