Saturday, February 7, 2009

vegas vegas vegas :)

4:30 AM and we were off! haha! bright and early but so much fun! We made it there in time for Ben to have his first chance at gambling, where he basically won 8 cents...then lost it! And was amazed with gregs skills! We spent the rest of the day getting lost, eating delicious in and out, tanning by a pool (ya in january :)) and then hanging out my family and hitting the strip...not all that sure how i lasted ALL the way til 11 down there but oh i did haha!

On sunday we attended my nephew Jacob Tate Shaw's baby blessing where Ben got to stand in on it, and awkwardly held Greg's lower back instead of shoulder, I personally tense some gay vibes going down but I dont ask questions! anyways we left shortly after that but it was a great little get away and at freaking sweet hotel and beautiful weather!

Benny's first gambling trip haha and gregory

Technically Whit and Gregs room cause we forgot our camera but but it was freaking sweet!

Secretly we wanted to steal this

Me and my baby at the Belagio

Me and my sister, potty break time :)

He didnt like anyone that day really so dont make fun! he is the cutest little baby boy ever though!

Thats all for this great adventure...more to come :)

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