Saturday, February 14, 2009

will you be my valentine?

Valentines day is probably one of the most depressing days but not for me :) i spent all day with benjamin. We woke up and opened presents, i got him some movies and also a NHL game and he got me beautiful red roses and a new pair of scriptures with Courtney Karen Campbell on them :)! i love them! we spent our day up in salt lake shopping and down here shopping and playing tetris! it was a very relaxing but amazing day! i loved it! i am so grateful for him in my life he makes me who i am and loves me for who i am! even my crazy insaneo hyper side! he treats me like a princess and gets along with my family. He is such an amazing person and i cannot wait to marry him! only 2 months and 21 days... far too long! but yes thats all for now!


  1. You need to update your Blog!! Ha Ha!! I want to see wedding plans!