Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Countdown.....

59 days :)
YAYAYAYAYAY! haha life is getting pretty crazy but I am trying my hardest to just not go crazy! just have fun with it. We ordered our cake the other day..its going to be very simple but perfect for us! kinda like this one..

But it will have blue ribbon on the bottom and cuter than this one of course haha but I LOVE it. very simple!!

THe main flowers I want are gerbera daisies...they are my FAVORITE. i will have some blue flowers mixed in and i am not going to lie i have NO clue what flowers but my mama does, she is amazing like that!

I get my dress tonight and oh i cannot wait! i will be getting my bridals done soon! so i will post those also as long as benjamin doesnt look for fun! We did find a place to live, its an adorable like 1 bedroom basement apartment in springville just minutes away from whit and greg :) so we can play games all the time, and have whit and greg fight at them, and eat lots of chocolate eggs and jolly ranchers :)!!

So only 58 more days and i will be Courtney Campbell..i love it :)

There is just a couple updates on the wedding we are gettin our announcements printed right now and will be sent early april! cant wait to be married its been far too long. we have been engaged for almost 5 months!!! and been together for almost 9 months :)! i love him.

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