Tuesday, May 19, 2009

campbells :)

So basically may 7th was the BEST day of my life. I LOVED it. I loved seeing everyone and having a day all about me and my baby. I felt like a princess and wanna go back again! haha. here are some pictures that we have so far and should be getting ourothers this week!

and for my FAVORITE one :)

After our fabulous day we went to california. Which was AMAZING! We left the tuesday after we got married and spent the days in between in our new apartment that STILL is not done..its actually really annoying and has stressed us out like crazy! our internet and also cable doesnt work but she says it "works" til we found all the wires CUT in our closet..looks like we found out why it wasnt working. Also we still have our contractors tools everywhere, and our toilet tends to not work..alot! so basically we are trying to figure out exactly if we are going to stay or not..its so far away and i really am getting home sick, as sad as that is. but we will see what happens

now for the honeymoon, we left tuesday and spent that night in vegas just walking the strip and eating yummy pizza. We then made our way to cali after a little bit of confusion of where to go and of course we hit up disneyland that night. our hotel was just blocks away from disneyland so we would split our days with that and the beach. But the bummer was each time we went to the beach it would get cloudy but that sure didnt keep us from the water. we figured out we wanna live by the beach sometime, i would LOVE to live in laguna but its super pricey. But maybe one day we will! We came home saturday night to still nothing really done at are place and STILL are trying to figure it all out.

I still am not sure if it has hit me that i am married but i love it more than anything.being able to wake up next to ben everyday. we have had alot of fun putting together our house and still needs some work on it so once its done i will post pictures of it. Oh and to make everything great we both got sick, i have been sick since may8th and he just barely got sick. I have a sinus infection and he has allergies so our house is covered in kleanexs. haha.

We recently bought a puppy its a 12 week old yorkie puppy, we bought him thinking we were moving and to help me with my homesickness, but the new apartment complex decided to not let animals there anymore..so we had to give him back and i miss little cohen more than ever! so thats all for now i will add more once i have time and maybe have the internet.

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  1. Court!! im so glad you had a great wedding day and honeymoon! Married life is the BEST! I vote you guys come and live by us. We have no friends here =)