Tuesday, May 5, 2009

temple day

Tonight me and ben both get to enter the temple and i cannot wait.My brother comes in today and his sister came in on sunday and its been fun. It still hasnt quite hit me that we get married in 2 days but i cannot wait. I am so excited. This weekend was pretty crazy we went to go get our key for our apartment and it still is not done! so the contractor has til thursday to have it done! it is stressing me and ben out like crazy it was supposed to be done by the 1 cause thats when our contract came into action..its pretty rediculous i think. But other than that everything else is pretty great. also this weekend was my friend Oriana's wedding, its so crazy how so many people are getting married. i love it. we are all growing up fast. its been crazy moving and everything cause i have never moved in my life, its all really new to me to be honest haha! its so crazy its 2 days away i dunno when it will hit me but i cannot wait.

* me and ben going to orianas wedding

While planning this wedding we havent had too many troubles but all were pretty scary and sper stressful.

#1 My dress being cut TOOOO short, so having to order another and wait for it hoping it will work out that time.

#2 Our apartment being not done...and not knowing when it will be done.

#3 Ben not getting a recommend right away with some techincal glitches...

#4 Our apartment almost being sold to someone else when we were depending on it.

SO not TOO many stressfulmoments but all were pretty dang annoying. Ha ha! I will try and post some before I thursday and if not, next time i post i will be Courtney Campbell :)

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