Monday, June 15, 2009

a great weekend

so i havent really blogged alot lately i guess me and ben just never have time but yet we have all the time in the world. haha doesnt really make any sense but oh well. Life right now is going really really good, we are LOVING our place and loving spending everyday together. This weekend was summerfest, only the greatest weekend for orem utah ever. haha. we spend our friday night eating snowies and of course...watching hockey. But not any hockey, the last game... (finally). haha. It basically got down to me not being able to watch it cause it was so intense and ben jumping up and down, but the result of that game was perfect...for us at least!

the penguins won :)
saturday we painted our bathrooms and spend some time with my family, playing baseball, eating delicios hamburgers and hot dogs...yes i ATE a hot dog...amazingly. and then we watched the fire works. and I came to a conclusion on how much i LOVE fireworks, i LOVE this big boom that like vibrates your whole body, its just great.
So basically we had a great fantastic weekend and now its back to another loooonnnnggggg week :(. But we finally put together more of our house so hear are some pictures of it :)

here is our living room and our dining room...we still have yet to put all of our chairs together but we at least have uhhh if you wanna come for dinner...ya gotta bring your own chair :)

our living room from the other side..ya that wall is really bare

benjamins bathroomm (front bathroom)

our bedroom.... we need more stuff in it but oh well.. haha

and my bathroom :)

now i still havent posted any of my hair cut so here are a couple from our lovey drive up to this lake..i was scared to death cause the road was about the size of our car and there was just a HUGE drop on my side...haha


  1. Your apartment is so so cute! I love your bathroom. WE NEED TO DOUBLE DANG IT.

  2. First of all courtney... I love the HAIR!! Second... your guys place is adorable. My mom was right you have wonderful decorating skills! Wish we could see it. Love you

  3. Courtney I love your blog :) I think it's awesome. Your house looks adorable :)