Wednesday, August 5, 2009

loonnngg time coming

ya so basically its been a VERYYY long time since i have written cant say im busy just basically i have no pictures cause our camera cord is long gone, so therefore i havent blogged but decided i should!

Life is going SOOOOOO great for us right now. Ben just got a promotion so thats a plus and we just got invited by his boss to spend a week in hawaii with them. His boss works at the airport too so we get a killer deal and i cannot wait to go! We will be going the first of december. We really struggled with which island cause niether of us has been to hawaii but we finally decided on Kauai! its so beautiful from the pictures and its going to be so fun! We are staying in a cottage by the beach!

so thats something that we are looking forward to! We are both trying decide what we want to go into..i have soo many different ideas its so hard to just choose one. I really wanna be a dental assistant or a hygenist. But then i also wanna a financail person, or a day care holder....i just dont know! choosing what you will do for the rest of uyour life is hard to do! haha!

But life for us is great, been a good summer and i am sad its ending but i have alot to look forward to. i will post more once i get pictures!

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