Monday, October 5, 2009

Long Weekend

This weekend was spent far too much time away from eachother. Friday night Ben went with my dad to the BYU game and I spent the night with my mama. We went to my nephew Aydens soccer game where he scored 2 goals...the only 2 goals. Course it was a 5-6 year olds playing it was adventureful. We then went to dinner at zupas which i have decided is my favorite place and watched some tv.

Saturday was spent watching conference, driving the alpine loop, and once again being away from Ben. As he spent his time learning about the gospel at priesthood i did some shopping with my sister and mama. Of course there was no fashion shows like last priesthood session but it was still great. I also got to see my long lost best friend Janna and hung out with her.

Sunday we slept...alot, watched conference, and hung out wtih bens family. It been a very very relaxing weekend,just what i needed. And now we have vegas next weekend and we cannot wait,another get away just for fun! if anyone knows of anything great to do in vegas tell us cause we wanna do something super fun! but ya thats all for now!
Now to end this here is the greatest video ever :) i love my niece more than anything!!!

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