Saturday, September 26, 2009

20 years... im old

i love birthdays. we just celebrated my birthday (the 25th) and i just turned 20..ya old. I am no longer a teenager.. its kinda weird to think about. i feel like i shouldn't be that old but oh well. haha.

We decided we wanted to do something super fun for my birthday since our summer we kinda just stayed here. So I decided to spend sometime up in park city. We left Thursday night and spent the night in a suite in a amazing hotel. We walked around main street, had some DELICIOUS pizza and went in our hot tub about ten thousand times :) oh and for my birthday i got to get my hair down and i decided to do something a little different with it! and i ended up LOVING it. so does Ben.

this was our room...


our little but SO perfect hot tub on our balcony

we had so much fun up there, that morning we got up and went to main street again to look at some stores. We then decided to head to slc for some urban outfitters shopping! and i have come to a conclusion i cannot be there for too long cause i want everything in that store. We got some shirts, like usual, and headed home. We spent the rest of our day just hanging out, doing some more shopping and eating brick oven with family.

Ben spoiled me way to much, he had already given me two early birthday presents. One being a super cute v-neck shirt and a black dress. But he ended up getting me more and more. I got 4 more shirts from urban, some super cute tan corduroy skinny pants, gossip girl season 2, the movies i love you man and adventureland, 2 scarfs, a black peacoat from nordstroms and this lovely little netbook (a small laptop) that i am on right now! :) i love him more than anything and had a most fantastic birthday. we have been married for almost 5 months and it seems like we have been married forever haha! i am so lucky to have him in my life! and thats all for now. ill keep this up more often haha.

us just on main street

brown hair :)

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