Sunday, October 18, 2009

never ending

Last weekend we went to vegas for the BYU vs. UNLV game and it was a blast! we left friday and went to the strip that night, did some shopping and ate some super super yummy ice cream. We spent our saturday at my nephews baseball games and once again shopping..we do best at that haha! we came home early sunday morning and thats the day my great little sickness came. I have been sick with a cold for this whole week and it had not been fun at all! i came home from work monday and tuesday and slept haha! I am now starting to feel better but i have my man voice and ben cant listen to me without laughing but its understandable cause i sound like a 12 year old going through puberty!

But this weekend was great we spent our friday sleeping in, washing our car and then went to dinner with our parents and it was great! i love weekend where its just relaxing and having fun! saturday we woke up early and went to breakfast and on a drive up the canyon, only to come back home and sleep for another 3 hours! I was asked to take some friends family pictures and I am super happy with the way they turned out, ben is photoshopping them to make them look better..we are great team!

now its for another week of work and hopefully getting rid of this stupid sickness!

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  1. You guys went down for the game? so did we! Also just a question, how did you get the phrase "Campbells" to be on the bottom right side of your picture?