Thursday, October 22, 2009


so basically i CANNOT wait for New Moon..I already got tickets for the midnight showing and I wish it was tonight! luckily my husband will go to any movie so he is excited too but i still this off chelseys page cause i was freaking out so bad when I saw it...AHHHH I cannot wait

This week I have been feeling super super crafty and I got some super cute letters that spell out campbell and I am modgepoging them and will post pictures once done but I NEED more if you have any please comment..just any cute ideas for stuff around the house!

When I cut my hair I KNEW i would want my long hair back...and now I do...very badly! i LOVE my brown hair and will keep it brown for a whole but I just miss it long so badly!!! I wish I could just wake up with long great would that be.

ill keep wishing

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  1. 1) I keep watching that clip over and over and over.. Im so obsessed with Twilight!!!!

    2) I got Mitch that coat for Christmas last year from American Eagle. I saw some at Target this year but I dunno good looking they were?? I will keep my eye for you.

    3) Im VERY crafty lately I have SO many ideas in my head that im dying to do! we should get together..
    - I also have a few blogs that have really cute fun ideas I will forward them along!

    4) I got my headband at Urban Trends, I have seen so many girls wearing it and so I finally went to get one and they only had this one left (they said they were getting more) But I know they also have it in a Mustard Yellow and a Plum.. Im dying to get more.. I LOVE IT

    5) Im SO sick of my short hair. I want it long so freakin bad!!!!!

    6) I obviously had a lot to say to you lol
    Love ya girl!~