Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 days :)

I cannot believe that its already christmas and its only 12 days away..I cant wait :)! I love looking out and watching the snow fall while listening to christmas music! Its my favorite. We debated getting a fake tree or a real tree...and we finally decided on a fake one. But it turned out perfect I love it! It will be our first Christmas married and its kinda weird not being with my family but I am loving starting new traditions and doing it all on our own.

but Ben decided to make his own Christmas Tree :)

Life right now is kinda hectic, trying to get everything ready for Christmas, trying to get everything ready to start school next year and not trying to die on the snowy, icey roads. I have only slid like 2 times in the snow so far but I did come about 4 inches away from hitting my own car...stupid icey parking lot. So here is hoping that I don't die this season.

Random pictures 

yeahhhh he will never make a normal face haha!

Life right now is amazing I am so grateful for Ben in life and all that he does for me, I love him very much.

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