Saturday, December 26, 2009

tis the season :)

Merry Christmas 
(one day late sorry)

I love this season cause I get to spend it with family, and eat lots of yummy food! Since we live so close to both our parents we split the day and go to both, which I love. It was our first christmas being married and I absolutly loved it. We spent Christmas eve at both families, playing games, eating food and just having fun.
Then me and Ben camped out in our front room by the Christmas tree and stayed up watching movies...but I was never informed our plan was to wake up at 730...til Ben's alarm went off. We spent the morning opening gifts with each other then headed to his parents for some more gifts and breakfast. We kinda spoiled each other, being that this was our first year married.
Ben was an amazing husband and got me an iPhone, some great new clothes, boots, a coat, and much more.
I got him and Itouch, clothes, shoes, madden and much more :)
It was a great christmas though, we both loved being with our families and each other.

Up bright and early

me and my favorite little niece Ellie
(she's my only niece)

Me and her brother Ayden

Me and my beautiful sister

Janna came and played with us on Christmas
Me and Ilze
(She is from Latvia and is currently living with my parents, she is the funniest, nicest person I know and sadly she is getting married next week. So we will be without her :( )

me and my cute hunny

Happy New Year

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