Monday, February 1, 2010

TIl Hawaii!!!
Me and Ben have never been and we cannot wait!
Soon I will be sitting on a beautiful sandy beach, watching gorgeous bright blue water and enjoying some well need sunshine!
Rather than being stuck in work, where its stinky and boring.
Dont get me wrong I do LOVE my new job and I love even more that I work in the same building as my hunny.

So I haven't written in a while but life has been good.
We spent last week celebrating Ben's 22 birthday!
He is an old man now haha ;)!
We went to dinner with our families, then going out on a date the next day.
We went and ate DELICOUS food at Tucanos then went to When In Rome. I LOVED it and Ben thought it was pretty funny too!

A brief little update for you:
Yes, its true, I DID get a new job. Me and Ben spend alot of our time just finding new great things to do. We love watching movies and so our movie collection has doubled lately. We love coming up with new ways to make yummy food, especially grilled chicken. We have came up with some great ones lately.
Over all life is great right now. I will post pictures when we get back :)


  1. Have fun and bring home some warm sunshine!

  2. I am jealous! I want to go too! Enjoy your time and take a stroll on the beach for your family in Las Vegas.