Thursday, February 11, 2010


On Thursday we left for Kaua'i, Hawaii, longest plane ride ever but so worth it. We got there around 6 PM thursday night, sat in an extremely long line for our stupid rental car. Then went to our hotel and slept. Since we were still on utah time we woke up at 5, walked the beach and headed out to a fun filled day.
This was right out side our hotel that monring :)

We went to this light house on the island, it was closed so we were not able to actually go in it but it sure was awesome to look at.

We then went to the beach and got some well needed sun.
It amazed me just how green and beautiful it is there, its unreal.
We were able to even go into all these trees and swing on vines, just like tarzan :)
The first day we spend doing ALOT of sightseeing, we also visited this waterfall, sadly we could go to it cause they wouldn't let us.

Saturday we spent doing some more sightseeing but on the south and south west side of the island.
We went on the LONGEST drive of my life and ended here, Wiamia Canyon.

It was really foggy that day so its not the greatest picture.
On our way back we found a long, empty, amazing beach.
 Ben just ran and ran on it.
I thought this was cute
Til I saw this, that BUM!
This I think is my favorite picture of us from the trip
We spent the rest of that day trying to snorkle, booggie board, and just soaking up some more sunshine!
Sunday we woke up, did some more booggie boarding til we had to take it back and then of course,
watched the superbowl.
I was sad when the colt's didn't win, but Ben was happy.
Right next to our hotel was all these cute little shops, I loved going to them and seeing everything. So that night we spent our time walking through our little town of Kapaa.
Monday we tried to fit in as much as possible since we were leaving that next night.
We started our heading North to the Na Pali coast, cause Ben wasn't going to leave til he somehow saw it.
On the way there we found our absolute favorite beach, we have never seen water that blue and the sand was amazing.
i LOVE this picture, i have the greatest husband EVER!
That coast line doesnt have any beaches its all just mountains. So to be able to see it we either had to pay over 200 dollars each to take a boat or helicopter ride or hike 11 miles. Well lucky me we only had to hike like 1 mile :) I hate hiking.
It was a super easy one though and so many pretty views.

This was the first overlook we passed
And here it is..not the greatest picture but it was BEAUTIFUL!
On the way back we saw TONS of dolphins swimming and sadly we couldn't get any pictures of it.
After our hike we headed back to our town, and took the greatest bike ride ever. There was a path all along the beach.
Benny and his cute white bike
Mine was Pink :)
We spent the rest of the day at our other favorite beach called Poipu beach. It was the best for swimming. We got to swim with turtles that were HUGE and sea lions and we even saw whales, one that actually came ALL the way out of the water.
We also went to this cliff that you could jump off...course we didn't but it was such a pretty view.

Tuesday we tried to stay out of the water because we had already checked out of our hotel, and wouldn't have a place to shower. That didn't stop Ben. We spent the morning on the west side of the island, attempting to find Glass beach, we succeded.
It is next to an old factory that would just dump glass into the ocean and after a while, it turned into sand.

We then went to Kipu Falls, a little waterfall in the middle of no where.
They had rope swings, and everything, course our camera died before Ben went on the rope swing :( but it was pretty.

We were very sad to leave that amazing Island and the temp. of 80 degrees but it was so amazing. We loved every second of it. We hope to go back sometime in our life.

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip! Glad you enjoyed it!