Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today and is FANTASTIC day and it's only 12!
I woke up to Ben making me breakfast in bed,
french toast and chocolate milk,
it was DELICIOUS!!!!
and then I come to work
only to realize my FAVORITE show
is in Park City filming for the week!
One Tree Hill

I was jumping up and down and everyone was just looking at me like I was crazy!
Yes I am dragging Ben up there with me tomorrow night
&&i cannot wait!
I have watched every episode and it is amazing!
ha ha.
& today is my father-in-laws birthday so that means,
brick oven here we come & getting to spend time with family!
We have been dying for a day off so we are taking friday off
& it will be spent in SLC
urban outfitters, nordstrom rac,
yummy food && just a nice relaxing day!
just two more days of work!

Happy Tuesday :)

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