Monday, March 15, 2010

much needed weekend

We spent our friday in Salt Lake,
& it was so nice, we shopped alot of the day
ate some yummy food &
met the cast on OTH :)
I about peed my pants as I was walking to their trailers and Nathan drove by.
Nathan & Haley are my absolute favorite and I was so happy I got to meet both of them.
We did see Brooke but sadly she snuck away,
along with Quinn ( who I was DYING to meet)
But we did meet ...

Earlier last week we have driven up there and only met Skills and Alex,
but I was determined to meet more.
We were able to seen all the sets and it was crazy I LOVED IT!
All the cast memebers we met were so so nice!
& my husband was so sweet for letting me drag him around with me and tons of girls that were screaming haha.
But he did get a nice eye rape by Alex while she was leaving,
she stared him up down and all around.
Saturday we spent relaxing,
seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D,
it was cool but gave me the WORST head ache.
&& I got to have lunch with the girls,
it was great to see them!
Now for another week of work...
sadly nothing really to look forward to!

I am trying to get my name out there so for ALL of April
I will be having free photo shoots.
This includes ALL shoots,
Senior Pictures,
New Borns,
I am filling up very fast so please email me at
to schedule a time.
I would love to take your pictures :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Holy Cow! I am so jealous! I didn't know they were up in Park City! I love ONE TREE HILL! love your blog!