Tuesday, April 27, 2010

messssy little weekend

we MAY have an addiction...there is still another stack too
For some reason we thought it would be a great idea to paint our front room & kitchen....til we started painting. We always have great ideas and are so excited til you start to pull out the blue tape and realize what we had gotton our selves into. We manged to paint everything but the hallway within 2 hours! Then finished the rest on monday night.
Painting is done
New rug is bought (i LOVED our last one but it shed everywhere& it didn't match)
New TV stand (technically it was our book shelf before)
Now we are making a lovely trip to ikea for some more book shelfs, fun accessories && possibly a sectional. We are wanting to sell our couch now, so if any one is interested its 350, brand new and super comfy. We just really want something bigger for when people come over.

On another note...
We spent the rest of our weekend relaxing.Ben has been LOVING taking pictures and it makes me happy inside cause now he will come with me and help me! We gave in and got Avatar and LOVED it. Now for some work time and 10 days til vegas :D

Enjoy :)
Cindy & Wyatt :)
Sarah&Derick our bestest friends
Ben's awesomeness


  1. #1 we have the same coffee table.
    #2 I LOVEE the entertainment/ bookshelf. is it from IKEA? We are shopping around for a new one.
    #3 we are going to start painting here pretty soon. yours looks great. wish us luck.

  2. first, i LOVE that coffee table! and yes that is from ikea and it is my favorite thing ever they have them in all sizes and colors! good luck painting its much better when your finished :)!

  3. Courtney!!! we have a movie addiction too!!! im glad you finally bought at watched Avatar its AWESOME!! i love it!