Friday, April 30, 2010

Next Friday marks mine and Ben's 1 year anniversary, time has flown by for sure. I feel like it was just yesterday I was walking into the temple about ready to marry the boy of my dreams. We have had our ups and downs but nothing too drastic which I am grateful for. We have grown so much and I find more reasons to love him even more, everyday. We have been together for now almost two years, and never has there been a dull moment. I for sure married the funniest person there is, even when I try and be mad at him he still makes me laugh. I wish that would work for him ha ha! Here are my favorite memories with my Benny...

A little about how we met :)
I remember the first time I even talked to Ben, as cheesey as it sounds he found me on myspace. Our friends had been dating each other and my other friend actually liked Ben, made for a weird situation. Anyways he sent me his number and we started texting non stop. The first time we hung out we and just drove around and played around and it was so much fun, he was such a random person I loved it. We hung out a couple other times and I was just a stupid girl who couldn't make up her mind. We still texted non stop for over 8 months til finally my friend said lets go hang out wtih him. So we tried calling him like 6546 times that night and finally he answered. We had met him at my house where we stayed talking in his car for hours. I loved it so much! Right when he left my friend said "you guys love each other huh?" and secretly I knew I could be with him forever. :)
-This was our first picture together, we were at the midnight showing of The Dark Night :)

-The first time Ben even met my dad, I had been home late at like 12:30 ( if you know my dad he was SUPER strict with curfew) and Ben was walking to help me with the irragation when my dad stormed out of the house and yelled "Ben! Go home!" It makes for a great story now but not a funny memory for me:(!

-Ben would always meet me after work and we would sit and talk til I had to leave for home. I remember one night we were talking and I was trying to tell him something and I just yelled Ben, I love you, and he came and hugged me and told me the same thing :) that was a big step cause never once had I told a boy I
loved him!

-The night we got engaged. He had made this cute scanvager hunt for me, with all the places with loved to go. It ended at the place where we had our first kiss :) perfect night for sure. All my friends thought I was crazy but I didn't care I was in love.
-Our wedding day of course, I remember getting to his house that morning and being so anxious and happy. I felt like a princess that day and Ben made sure I knew that. He looked soooo handsome that day I loved every minute of it :)!

-Our honeymoon was one the greatest times ever. We loved being able to just spend all the time together. We spent it in califonia, getting lost on ALL the crazy freeways, the wonderful laguna beaches, disneyland, yummmy food and only getting pulled over twice ;)!

-Ben loves hiding from and then scarring me, he has found some pretty good places too but this one was my favorite. :) He makes me happy

-Hawaii was perfectly amazing :) greatest trip ever.

I am so grateful that I found Ben, he is my best friend and I would be completly lost without him. I cannot beleive time has flown by, I am excited for what the many years bring. I love you Ben, always and forever!


  1. ahh Love this. I just realized I have never blogged about our dating story.. might have to do that.

  2. cute cute!! and fyi i didnt think you were crazy for getting engaged! :) hahah love ya court. this was a great post! and ditto about not really have blogged about how me and trav came to be either... hmmmm... :)

  3. rana you were probably the only one haha I heard many things people said but it didn't stop me :)

  4. Cute story! You two are adorable. Congrats on the anniversary.