Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am SOOOOO bummed my work has now blocked blogspot from our computers so I cannot blog, stalk or ANYTHING at work. It's so lame, So I am currently blogging while watching some Hills :)!
Lets start with last week, we were asked to watch my nephews, Zack and Jaden and house sit for my sister Risa. It was pretty easy seeing as they used to torture me back when I would babysit them all summer. We also went to Ben's first hockey game where he..
1. Broke his 250$ stick
2. The first thing I see him do was punch someone
3. Got put in the penalty box twice
but i LOVED going & can't wait for wed. for more hockey.

Vegas was AMAZING!!! We had the best time just relaxing and having fun!
We got down there Thursday night and stopped by my brothers to see the family. I absolutely love and miss that family. Julie is super women for dealing with those crazy 4 boys.  I cannot believe my oldest nephew is almost 13 and basically as tall as I am, so crazy! On the subject of family, we had a new addtion added this weekend. 
Tate Spencer Shaw was born on May 9, 2010.
I still have yet to meet this adorable little boy but I cannot wait to.
8 nephews and 1 girl...yes she is a spoiled little girl.

Well back onto Vegas...
Friday we spent shopping, swimming , more shopping, eating DELICIOUS Cheesecake Factory and Ben TRYING to gamble.
It was Ben's first time at the Cheesecake Factory, he loved it, but not as much as I loved my Red Velvet Cheesecake :D!
Saturday we spent searching for a new hockey stick, 
more and more shopping,
seeing my crazy nephews,
riding the New York, New York rollarcoaster,
greatest thing EVER :D!!
I couldn't believe Ben was so nervous to go on it, like more nervous than me.
Sunday we thought we would get up and leave but decided to make a trip to the Mandalay Bay to visit Ben's best friend. It was so fun meeting him, he was Ben's best friend growing up.
We can't wait to go camping this summer with Jake and seeing him more.
We also stopped at the Shark Reef there and it was fantastic!
We had soooo much fun in Vegas and we cannot wait to go back.

We tried to get the sharks behind us Ben's turned out sweet
and mine..is just funny.
Now for some sleep :)
Happy Hump day!


  1. yay! thanks for blogging :) look how long your hair is getting! im so jealous!!!! looks like you guys had a great time.

  2. happy hump day? hahah what?! it looks like you had such a fun time! im glad!! i miss you and im sorry that we keep having to move the date for our pictures :S but thankyou so much for taking them for us! im super excited! :) your gorgeous girl, cant wait to see you this thursday!!!

  3. Ha ha hump day is wed cause it the exact middle of the week :) I am excited to see you too rana! And chels I am pretty sure my hair grows by the second until one length it just stops :(