Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am suprised I have time to blog today, work is CRAZY!
I love coming into work where there are 50, yes 50, people waiting on hold to talk with you.
It's basically not the greatest of days..
We did have a great weekend.
Since Derick (Ben's bestest friend/lover) is leaving this week for the whole summer we have been spending endless ammounts of times with him and Sarah. So our weekend consisted of..
Golfing :)
I did okay for my first time
Ben managed to lose 2 balls
Derick was pro--seeing as he did wear the PERFECT attire
& Sarah only hit derick once with a ball :)
It was super fun seeing as I had never been REAL golfing!
We spend the rest of the weekend watching lots of movies, playing tennis, walmart trips, eating yummy food, dying laughing, photoshoots and nap times.
We love having them around and are sad that he will be leaving..
at least we still have Sarah!

Now for another day and half of work til VEGAS..
We cannot wait especially with how work is going for us with these last two days!!
Goodbye Utah weather...
HELLO sunshine, shopping, swimming and relaxation!

Took these of my bestest friend this weekend and am LOVING how they are turning out!!


  1. I Love the pictures!!!!! You are so good! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  2. hahaha I can't stop laughing!! Haha I love this post and I love you guys!!..."sarah only hit derick once" hahahaha..I forgot about that! Whoops! Too bad he can't stay all summer...haha we could have LOTS of fun! But I'm glad I have you two!